Learning The Skills To Be A Great Property Manager

Owning and managing a single property can be a stressful situation.  Doing the same for multiple properties can be even more stressful.  Learning how to be a successful property manager will help you overcome the common pitfalls and issues that many first-time managers face.  Taking key property management las vegas courses will help you understand the basics and what not to do in many situations.

Attitude and disposition

Running a piece of property requires someone with a positive attitude and a well-rounded disposition.  When you come in contact with someone for the first time you are immediately assessed and determined to be a good person, a bad person and someone they can or can’t work with.  Since managing a property is a long-term event you want to make sure you are positive and someone people can and want to work with.  If not, you won’t be getting much business.

Time management

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Time management skills are very important when managing properties.  You can’t take on more than you can handle.  If you do, people will begin to lose faith in your abilities, and you will begin to lose clients.  It is important that you have good time management skills as well as know what you can and can’t handle.

Bookkeeping Skills

If the money isn’t right people are going to start asking questions.  When running a piece of property every single penny needs to be accounted for and justified.  If you charge a tenant a late fee, this fee needs to be justified and accounted for.  If a repair is needed then invoices need to be issued, receipts collected, and hours logged.  If these pieces of the puzzle are not done right, then chaos can ensue.


Running any business boils down to paperwork.  When learning how to become a good property manager knowing how to do paperwork correctly, efficiently and have it accessible when needed will be one of your primary duties.  If you don’t like paperwork then you may want to consider a different area to work in.